Travel Journal  101

Proof of Life

Learn the secrets to keeping a great Travel Journal

Travel Journal 101 - Proof of Life

Travel Journal 101 - Proof of Life

We often discover so much about ourselves when we travel - and keeping a Journal is a simple way to capture the truer essence of your journeys.


Travel Journal 101 - Proof of Life is the best place for you to learn everything you need to know to do your very own exciting and personal Travel Journals.


This four-module course will help you with every barrier you might have to starting your very own Travel Journal. Whether you’re doing a long-distance wilderness paddle trip; a relaxing vacation to Zihuatanejo, Mexico; a cycling trip of the American Southwest; or a leisurely cruise along the canals of Holland, this course will help you bring back a compelling record of your journey.


There is something here for everyone - the seasoned Travel Journal keeper and anyone who is brand new to the experience.

If you have wanted to try your hand at doing a Travel Journal, Travel Journal 101 - Proof of Life is just right for you.


  • Don’t think you’re a writer? There’s something here to help you with that. 

  • Don’t think you can draw or paint? I’ve got a short, easy video series to help you here.

  • Wonder, in the end, why you would even want to do a Travel Journal? Here’s where I can really help you see the many and wonderful benefits you’ll get when you have your finished Travel Journal in hand.

Travel Journal 101 - Proof of life

Learn all the tips and tricks to keep your Travel Journal exciting and fresh!

Travel Journal 101 - Proof of Life is broken into four easy-to-navigate Modules. Each Module will give you lots of reasons to do your own travel journal and so many tips and tricks on how to get the best of the memories you’re creating on your travels!


For all the years I spent working in Museums and Archives, I saw the richness of what people recorded of their lives - and by far the most intriguing of those were the ones when people were travelling. You could see how they learned new things, how they saw new experiences unfold before them, and how they came away with a new and deeper appreciation of the wonderful and strange worlds around us - and a new appreciation of their own lives!

All of this is so easily within your grasp, and

Travel Journal 101 - Proof of Life is the best way to learn how all of this could be yours too.


 "Inspirational and motivating!"
"Awesome! So inspiring! Thank You!"
"Very informative and interesting. Great practical tips. Loved the handout, very useful! Thank You Wayne!"
"very inspirational workshop! I really enjoyed this demo!"


‘Excellent presentation - Interesting + Wayne raised a lot of points that will impact my writing/journaling. He was well prepared, organized and an excellent speaker.
Wayne's enthusiasm is wonderful. Very well done, professional. Thank you!’


‘Excellent, very informative + inspiring.’


 “I had been looking forward to your presentation and it was all I had hoped for and more.  You are very engaging. The members' chatter as we pack up is a good indicator of how a speaker has been received...the more chatter, the more the speaker has "gotten to" them.  You generated lots of energized chatter! “ - Federation of Canadian Artists – Central Okanagan Chapter

Travel Journal

Take a quick tour around Travel Journal  101 - Proof of Life

Module 1

The Value of a Travel Journal

This first Module helps you start out on the right foot. It will help you zero in on why you want to do a Travel Journal. Each piece of this Module is designed to help you see the greater value to keeping a Travel Journal to enrich your life and, perhaps in the future, inspire others to see that same rich value in keeping a Travel Journal.


  • Introduction Video 
  • Proof of Life
  • Just the Facts
  • Inspiration and Motivation

Module 2

What to Include in Your Travel Journal

The struggles of what to include in your Travel Journal can be daunting, and this Module 2 breaks it all down into easy bite-size steps. If you follow the simple framework here, you’ll find you’ve built your very own list of ‘prompts’ that will help you fill your Travel Journal with all the very best details of your exciting journeys


  • Introduction Video
  • Setting the Stage
  • Before You Leave on Your Travels
  • During Your Travels
  • After You’re Home From your Travels
  • Downloadable PDF

Module 3

Your Travel Journal Kit

The last thing you need to worry about is what to take with you to fill your travel journal with lots of vivid memories. So, Module 3 is crafted to give you a clear sense of what essentials you need for writing, sketching, painting and more.
Module 3 also has an extra video I’ve made in which I walk you through the Travel Journal Kit that I take with me whenever I travel.


  • Introduction Video
  • Simple Starting Points
  • The Journal Itself
  • Filling Out Your Travel Journal Kit
  • Something for Everyone
  • Video – What’s in a Travel Journal Kit

Module 4

What to do After Your Travels

Many people want to get the absolute most of their travels - during the trip itself AND after they get home.....and there is lots you can do! 

Module 4 is built around the notion that you can assemble your very own ’product line’ that, in a way, commemorates the many unique and new travel experiences that continue to shape who you are as a person.


  • Introduction Video
  • Publishing
  • Product Range
  • Stepping Outside Yourself

5 Tutorial Videos

  • MacKenzie River
  • Kootenay Region
  • Missouri River
  • Yellowstone River
  • Travel Journal Kit


4 Sketching Videos

  • The Market Place
  • Found Objects
  • Landscapes
  • Flowers and Trees

Private Facebook Group

  • Q and A
  • Facebook Live sessions

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Meet The Trainer

Wayne Wilson

The bulk of my career was spent in the Museum/Archives field where I learned quickly that the only people who are ever remembered are the people who wrote something down. I wanted to be one of those people, and Travel Journals have sparked my imagination in so many rich ways.
Something I’ve been doing since before I left the Museum work is join various crews on long-distance wilderness canoe trips. We use 26’ voyageur canoes that hold 6 people, and it has been a wonderful set of trips that has taken me down the MacKenzie River in Canada’s Arctic to the Yellowstone River in Montana, USA - the longest un-dammed river in the lower 48 states!
I’ve been sketching and painting since high school, and it was during that first paddle trip that I started keeping Travel Journals in earnest. Since that 6 week paddle trip down the Columbia River system, I’ve filled lots of journals that recount the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, and the events that made those journeys so compelling.
My passion now is to get YOU doing your own Travel Journals.
I want you to be remembered in the future too!

So don’t be forgotten to your children and grandchildren – or even to the longer history of your community. Set out to let your descendents know something about you - where you travelled, who you met, what gave your life light and meaning, and where you were when those revelations hit you.
Imagine sitting down with a grandchild 20 or 30 years from now and thumbing through one of your Travel Journals. Imagine showing them the quick watercolour sketches and insightful descriptions you wrote. You will inspire them.....I know you will!!!
Now.....that’s a legacy worth leaving, isn’t it?
Have fun with your Travel Journals!

Happy sketching and writing and painting!

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